Everything Matters... Ever it!


Evereq™ is a growing network of communities, where it is easy to Discover, Share and Organize things you care and love: from Images & Links and to eBay auctions or Github repositories.

They key principle behind sites powered by Evereq™ is to allow user to select best presentation for content using various different Widgets from our Marketplaces.

Service is currently in active development and we call current stage as 'early stage prototype', 'pre-alpha' and so on. Just so you know :D

Everology (Our terminology)

We use some words & terms that in the Evereq powered communities are given specific meanings. Will be cool if you start using them too. Some of communities also may have own, more specific terminology.

  • Ever - something that was "Stored" (shared, saved) on site, powered by Evereq. Other sites may call it "Pin", "Tweet", "Stick", "Post", etc... Image, Video, File, Story, Book, Software, Auction, Source Code, ANYTHING!
  • ReEver - when our members see some cool Ever, they can copy it (clone) to own collection of Evers (we call this action as "ReEver", other sites call it "RePin","ReTweet", "RePost" etc) and can even later change it someway.
  • Evereq™ - the name of our platform & network of sites powered by it. Sometimes it is used to describe person (man or women) who have fun using our services.
  • Evereqs™ - our community, i.e. all that crazy people who get addicted to Evereq services.
  • to Nail (verb), Nailing - means process when Ever or whole Everboard nailed to some Everboard. This way our Evereqs connect Evers to each other.
  • Everorama - collection of all Evers & Everboards given Evereq have Nailed using our service. I.e. basically result of that crazy addicted behavior, usually very different for every selected Evereq...

What's Different

You may want to ask reasonable question: what is the difference between communities powered by Evereq.com and other sites for sharing & discover content?? Why another one?

We provide platform which allows users not only to Discover, Share, Organize and Search content, but more importantly to decide how they want to present information (views) to other users by choice of Widget, which displays user content differently!

We think it's power idea because almost everybody focus on how to store information or how to process it, not how to display it later... Our plan instead to let users select how they want information to be presented to other users, giving them ability to select visually from multiple Widgets which can present given information differently, the way owner want it to be! And our task is to make this process as simple and effective as possible :)

Exactly that's the reason we say "Everything Matters... Ever it! ™"

We even did some analyze for existed similar and very different at the same time services... You can read it here and let us know what you think!

We try to make Evereq platform as open as possible, so if you want to Partner / Invest / Sue / Give Advice or just Ask Any Question feel free to drop us email to evereq@evereq.com.

Our Widgets

Today you may Ever eBay auctions, Github repositories, jsFiddle code samples and even Hacker News posts using our own Widgets or Upload and Ever own files.

You can also Ever almost any other content using more than 250 providers available via embed.ly services.

Feel free to get more information about Widgets and be ready to make your own in the future!

How We Innovate

Some innovative ideas was used in Evereq platform, which we hope will help you to work more easy with Evereq:

  • We specially design system with heavily use of iframed Widgets to embed almost any content safely (well, at least it should be safe ones we move close to Beta :D). Of course it's impossible to cover all web sites and we should not go that way... So, our goal is to let our users ability to create own Widgets and use them on Evereq powered sites, provide such Widgets to other users for free, sell & buy them and much more... Because iframe's allows to embed any possible content and our Widget API is completely optional, everybody can easy develop new Widgets and add them to our Marketplace!
  • Our site have single input for both search for existed Evers and create new Ever process. So if you want to search for existed Evers, just type some text (keywords, url etc) in main input box, press enter and you will see existed Evers which use given information (you can just review such Evers or even ReEver them). At the same time, you will see one or more Widgets which display Evers candidates using information you provide so you can quickly create new Evers. Just select which Widget looks better, add more information like Title, Images, maybe Demos etc and press "Ever" and you are done. So no more different "Search" and "Add" pages - just type what you want in input box and let Evereq platform do his job to let you select what exactly you want.
  • Our Everboards are much more powerful than on other sites! You can add same Ever to multiple Everboards at the same time! You can even add Everboards into other Everboards!
    To speak correctly, our Everboards are just Evers, which have some other Evers nailed to them. I.e. in Evereq you nail Evers to another Evers!
    So your Everboards are not just title & image, but completely functional Evers. This allows you to better organize content, using not just "folders / group" concept, but more interesting Evers structures and presentations.
    For example, you may have in future Everboards with Evers of "Tasks" and each such Everboard may have additional features, such as "Complete" which mark all Evers inside Everboard as completed.
    Or you can organize Evers of "Emails" in Everboard and such board naturally will have feature to "Send" all Evers to they receipts etc.
    Or you may have some Everboard which show nailed Evers on one Map and so on.
    Totally: Everboards are just like Evers, they not only title + image + demos, but some presentation of information (of Evers) coupled with some actions on Evers nailed to the Everboard.

Cool, right? Did you see this somewhere already!? ;-)

Evereq History

Evereq was started as Pet project by Ruslan Konviser (aka EvereQ).

Interesting enough, Evereq initially was developed as tool to be able to organize and track Github projects (repositories) and other software developers oriented resources. Soon after construction of Github Widget was done, Ruslan realize that it's possible to develop other Widgets for different type of content and Evereq was extended to be the platform which supports this functionality.

Due to the fact that Ruslan was born in Ukraine and later immigrate to Israel, his English knowledge is not as good as his hacking abilities. (you can send him personal 'f..ck' about English and what you think can be or can't be fixed to his private address: evereq at gmail.com :D)

Btw, in the end of 2012 Evereq, Inc was registered in USA to be official company behind Evereq platform & sites powered by it.

In October 2013, about a year after our company was incorporated, we become a member of the Microsoft Bizspark program.
bizspark member

Also please note that while you can see "WE" everywhere on this site, as of today Evereq platform is effort of one crazy man, who try to become rich till his 35 birthday :D

Well, to speak seriously he is already Rich: he lives in Israel (everybody who leave here will understand me), grow 3 awesome kids, Dog, Chinchilla and lovely wife ;)

So Evereq.com is mostly his next baby which he did for himself with hope someday to benefit others :))))) Ah, and sure to change the world, right!?

Evereq use a LOT of Open Source software and it definitely takes hundreds of hours, which Ruslan spend coding over dozens of evenings & weekends.

He want to say BIG sorry to his family for this period of his 'absence' at home.

He also want to say BIG thanks for all of them for unlimited support and trust :)))))

Evereq Platform Technology

Here is non-complete list of things used to get the job done (in no particular order).
We really want to say big THANKS for projects authors & contributors.
Evereq platform was never possible to make over nights & weekends without so much beautiful and mostly open source / free code available!

Client Side

Server Side

  • Majority of our server-side code is powered by .NET 4.5.1 framework & C# 2012 Programming Language full of crazy-ass async operations
  • Obviously we use ASP.NET MVC 5 as high-performance server-side web framework
  • The world's most popular & open source non-stop database engine MySQL 5.6 holds our users data
    The world's most popular & open source non-stop database engine MySQL.
  • RabbitMQ - Messaging that just works ... and works FAST. We use it to build distributed and scalable architecture
    RabbitMQ -  Messaging that just works.
  • Always Scalable. Always Fast. Always On. Couchbase Server as Memcached powered Caching & Sessions Storage and complementary NoSQL Database.
  • Extended Couchbase ASP.NET Session State and Output Caching Providers to keep us going blazing fast & scalable
  • Lucidworks Solr Distribution for stable Apache Solr on Windows, which powers our Search system
  • Solr client for .Net so we can actually use Solr from our .NET code
  • An addictive .NET IoC container Autofac for dependency injection
  • Huge time saver AutoMapper for convention-based object-object mapping in .NET
  • Bootstrapper for successful Evereq platform startup in .NET
  • DotNetOpenAuth so we easy integrate OpenID and OAuth
  • Facebook C# SDK to quick Facebook integration
  • Elmah to log any exceptions our systems may get (btw - tons of them), so we can hide them from our users :D
  • Free logging platform NLog for rich log routing and management capabilities
  • Glimpse helps us to get, well, Glimpse to our servers
  • We use Html Agility Pack to scan and scrap Web
  • MiniProfiler does exactly what it should do - profile our ASP.NET & EF code
  • We don't understand why MvcSiteMapProvider is still not the part of ASP.NET MVC :)
  • We need server-side templates for our Widgets. RazorEngine is just perfect fit!
  • Our users tweets are improted using LINQ to Twitter provider.
  • Evereq platform store blobs in Amazon S3, speed up access using Amazon CloudFront CDN, use DNS powered by Route 53 etc. Thanks to AWS SDK for .NET it's so much easer to manage that from .NET

Open standards

  • oEmbed used as format for allowing an embedded representation of a URL on third party sites.

Commercial software, tools and services used by Evereq

  • Proudly hosted on Amazon AWS Cloud (USA) and Bezeq International (Israel collocation)
  • Embed.ly service used as primary service to convert standard URLs into embedded videos, images, and rich article previews.
  • CopperEgg for our Servers Monitoring, Websites Monitoring, Application Metrics and more. CopperEgg provides us unified insight into our servers, websites, web applications, and web services to optimize our performance and troubleshoot issues in a single pane of glass.
  • Mixpanel, the most advanced analytics platform ever for mobile and the web.

Some software and projects will consider to use some day

  • AmplifyJS JavaScript component library for better requests, storage and pub / sub
  • Manage rich data in our JavaScript apps using a Breeze
  • Simple & cool JavaScript toast (Gnome / Growl type) notifications with Toastr
All trademarks, brand names and logos are © to and the property of their respective owners. We have no affiliation with or endorsement, sponsorship or support from mentioned third-party companies, brands, products, sites or services. We use respective logos only to advertise that our product use corresponding products & technologies or has build-in integration with corresponding services.


Q: Guys, are you crazy, you just told all your secrets here!!!???
A: Well, First, yes, we are :D Second: it's NOT all our secrets ;-) Third: we want to be as open as possible, because we want more feedback on our ideas and what we are doing. Forth: we don't care if somebody use some our ideas because we stongly believe that it's execution what is important, not just brilliant ideas. In the end, it's end user who benefit from this, so our goal to change the world will be done anyway, right!?

Q: Half or more of things did not work for me, WHY????
A: Well, Welcome to pre-Alpha version. You see prototype now :D While it is possible to do main tasks (add Ever, search for Ever, Nail Ever and so on), some of features are not implemented yet or just buggy. We try to deploy almost everyday (yep, we work at nights & weekends only), so things should improve. Ah, and sure thing - make sure you use latest browser, Google Chrome seems to work best with sites, powered by Evereq platform

Q: I want to partner with you someway....
A: Welcome, please contact us and we 100% found the way how to work in the future.

Q: I want to sue you ....
A: Oh, please, can you just wait a bit with this? We are one man crazy ass prototype stage startup, no income, no investment, nothing yet .... We don't even have designer yet, so our site may look a bit like .... well, some known company with similar name... We do it without any intention, we are totally different inside and outside :) Read our history & how it works to understand why.... And yep, please just let us know why you want to do this, we will try to fix everything and make you happy! Ah, and maybe even found the way how to work together in the future!

Q: I just hack your site .... it's not secured at all
A: Oh, please, can you just wait a bit with this? We are one man crazy ass prototype stage startup, no income, no investment, nothing yet .... (sorry, for copy / past). We are not even in beta yet... We aware of 1000s of possible issues with security here, just so focused on working prototype..... possible to forgive us, yes? So please let us know how you did this and we will do everything we can to make you happy (including, but not limited to a case of beer present)! Ah, and most probably even we will found the way how to work together in the future!